Double Cleansing

Remember the days when your mom made sure your face was scrubbed clean before bed? Yeah, me either. I’m too old to remember at this point BUT I do know how important it is to cleanse your face every night. ENTER double cleansing. WTHEdoublehockeysticks is double cleansing?

It involves washing your face in two steps. First choose an oil-based cleanser (Derma-E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil), followed by a water-based cleanser (Trader Joe’s All-In-One Facial Cleanser).

The oil-based cleanser draws out sebum, SPF, and pollutants and the second step cleanses sweat and dirt — GROSS! Make sure all the grime is eliminated by exfoliating with the Wonder Cloth.

I double cleanse a few times a week, either in the morning or night. I definitely feel and see difference in my skin when I do.

Feel like giving double cleansing a go? Feel free to to comment with questions. I’m happy to answer.

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