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I’ve been using an electronic toothbrush for close to 20 years. Each time I attempt to go back to a manual toothbrush I never feel like my teeth are as clean as I’d like them to be! Friend to friend, I was blessed with active plaque buildup, especially on my lower teeth. (Hanging my head in shame and embarrassment). Isn’t that fun? It’s the best I tell ya!  I’m the person that has to visit the dentist every 4 months, just because my plaque won’t have it any other way.

When cariPro from Smile Brilliant reached out and asked if I would be willing to test out their Ultrasonic toothbrush, I was excited yet skeptical. I’d been using a well-known electronic toothbrush for so long — simply changing out the heads when needed — so I was a little nervous about trying a new tool.  But HONESTLY, I’m so glad I did.

The design of the toothbrush is so sleek, so CLEAN, and easy to hold. I read through the instructions and noticed the brush had 5 different brushing modes — I personally tried each one:

  • Clean – standard mode for superior daily cleaning. MY FAV MODE!
  • White – most powerful cleaning mode for removing surface stains, polishing and vigorous deep cleaning. This function was a little aggressive, but it was meant to be. I don’t think I could handle it every day, maybe once a week though!
  • Massage – Gentle gum pulsation mode for gum stimulation. I recommend pairing it with the Clean, Sensitive or White mode. Very relaxing.
  • Gum Care – Gum mode for gentle cleaning along the gumline. A nice feature for extra gum hygiene — this doesn’t replace flossing though. Gotta floss! Must floss! 🙂
  • Sensitive – Ideal for users who find the default clean mode to be slightly aggressive.IMG_5498

I thought I’d have to switch to the Sensitive mode as I’ve always had sensitive gums, but SURPRISINGLY, I didn’t.  The Clean mode felt comfortable and most importantly, made my teeth feel CLEAN. I also loved the pulse feature — each time the brush pulses, I knew to move on to a different quadrant of my teeth. The pulses also ensured I  brushed for a full 2 minutes.

Another amazing feature — the battery life!! I brushed for 2 weeks without having to charge my toothbrush — HOORAY! I’m not certain if it needed a charge, but I didn’t want to be in a situation where I had to go back to a manual OR my old electronic toothbrush.


Overall, I love my cariPro and would recommend it to family and friends. And if it helps combat my nemesis – Mr. Plaque – I’ll be sure to hold tight to my new-found toothbrush friend for year’s to come.

Another few highlights to point out:

  • It’s waterproof!
  • It’s affordable without cutting corners on quality.
  • With my promo code, it’s even more affordable!

Smile Brilliant is letting me giveaway ONE cariPro Ultrasonic toothbrush and two electric toothbrush heads (valued at $119)! Click here to enter.


Use the code biscuitsandbulgogi20 to get 20% off your CariPro toothbrush today!

Good luck!

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