Since we started our house reno, a vacation hasn’t been part of our vocabulary for quite some time. We’ve each taken short weekend getaways with friends, but a trip together has been hard to plan or make priority.

Time away is very missed and I think we’ve both learned the importance of a getaway–disconnect, deactivate, and straight up chill!

Prior to the reno, we would drive down to The Gulf of Mexico to visit my parents, big brother, his kiddos and the beach around Labor Day weekend.

This year, as Labor Day came and went I stumbled across a Facebook memory of a little bird perched on top of our Ft. Walton Beach balcony. Poor little guy appeared to be beat up from the tropical storm. And although it did rain on us, the picture reminded me of the good times we had. That day we Outlet Malled it, visited with my parents, took in Destin’s Greek Fest and I believe the next day we were able to enjoy the beach.

It was an escape from our every day responsibilities. A little rain, sun, lots of fun and relaxation!

I’m certain we will visit again during the holidays to see my family. And even though jumping in the water is most likely impossible as it’s pretty chilly in the Gulf during winter, soaking up a little vitamin D and sand will definitely be a must!

Note: I wrote this post before Hurricane Harvey and Irma took their tole on TX and FL and held on posting. The storms are devastating and have impacted so many people and animals. If you can afford to donate, please do.

Hand in Hand

The Humane Society of the United States

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